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August 31st & September 1st, 2018

2018 Races 

Course Map

The Chrisman Cow Chip Classic Cross Country Meet has been in existence for over 30 years! Chrisman's home cross country course is behind the school and in part of a cow pasture - hence the fun name for the annual meet. We do our best to pick up all of the "cow chips" before the race starts, and all of the cows are put away in the barn so that humans and cows never find themselves nose to nose in the middle of the course!

This meet is one of, if not the only, FLIGHTED cross country race in the state of Illinois. What does that mean? All of the runners of the same "rank" in pecking order race against each other. So, all of the #7 ranked runners on each team will race against each other first. Next up, all of the #6 ranked runners on each team will race against each other, and so on. This race is a student-athlete favorite not only because of the unique way that the runners compete against each other, but also because of the fun name. The rolling hills on the course also make it a little more interesting and challenging as compared to most other courses in the area. A 3-mile cross country run/walk for the public is also included as part of the running of the meet.


The map that you see below is for the 3-mile high school races. The 3-mile run/walk for the public will be the same course as the one that you see below.

Junior High Cross Country Race
The junior high race is run every year on the Friday afternoon, before the high school meet - and usually the first weekend in September. 


High School Cross Country Race
The high school meet is run every year on Saturday morning in early September - usually the first weekend in September.


Cross Country 3-Mile Run/Walk
The cross country 3-mile run/walk, for the public, is on Saturday morning - the day of the high school meet - usually early, before the high school meet gets started.